Chain Ring Removal, Install, or Swap Out

Service Price: $30

Chainrings are the part of your ebike crankset that the chain runs along, allowing you to move the chain when you pedal your electric bicycle. However, similar to the cassette, over time the teeth on the chainrings wear down and get flattened out. When these chainring teeth get worn down, the chain does not have as much hold on the drivetrain, and you can experience chain slipping due to poor shifting in the front of your ebike. If your chainrings get worn down, or if you are looking for a different sized chainring, then our ebike chainring service is for you!

During our ebike chainring service, the first step we take is to remove your right ebike crank arm. This crank arm should have the chainrings bolted to it. We then remove the bolts to take off your existing ebike chainring. After the old ebike chainring is taken off, we start bolting the new one onto your crank arm. After the new chainring is attached, we would then go around and torque all of the chainring bolts down to the factory specifications. Riding your bike without having the chainring properly torqued to factory specifications can greatly damage both your crank arm, as well as the chainring itself. Once it is properly tightened, we remount the crank arm onto your ebike and you are ready to go!

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