Cassette Removal, Install, or Swap Out (Regular Wheel)

Service Price: $35

The cassette is an important part of the drivetrain on your ebike that helps directly rotate the rear wheel around, allowing the ebike to move forward. The cassette is made up of a number of gears of differing sizes that the chain wraps around. The different sized cogs in the cassette give different resistances to the rider when operating the ebike. These differing resistances provide help when riding during different conditions, such as climbing a hill or going extra fast. The cogs on the cassette are measured by the number of teeth it has. A higher tooth count on a cassette ring translates to easier pedaling, while a smaller tooth count translates to higher resistance and faster speeds. The cassette itself is just a collection of these rings, mounted together onto what is called a freehub body, with a lockring holding the whole thing together. This freehub body is located on the rear wheel of your ebike. The freehub body contains bearings and a ratchet or pawl system, which allows the movement of the wheel forward, and to freely spin independent of the wheel when stationary or rotating backwards.

Over time and usage, the cassette teeth can get worn down and flattened. When these teeth get worn down, you can get diminished functionality in the form of chain slipping and poor shifting. If this is occurring for you, then our ebike cassette service is just what you need! When we do a cassette service on your ebike, we unscrew the locknut and slide all of the rings off the freehub body. When we put a new cassette on your ebike rear wheel, we will then slide the rings onto the ebike freehub body, making sure the rings are in the correct order. Once all the rings are on the freehub body of your ebike wheel, we then tighten the lockring to the factory specified torque. Once that lockring has been properly torqued, we remount your wheel onto the ebike, and you are ready to roll!

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