Build a Bicycle Wheel (Hub Motor Wheel)

Service Price: $200

Sometimes you want a new motor installed, whether it is because your old one is broken or you want something with a bit more power. Regardless of the reason, our Hub Motor wheel build is perfect to get your ebike powered up and cruising again. Whether it is swapping an ebike hub motor for another one an existing ebike wheel, or a whole fresh wheel build, we can get the hub motor together for you. 

If we are swapping a hub motor out, we first have to unlace your old hub motor from the wheel. After the wheel rim is exposed and unlaced, we begin the hub motor wheel build. First, we need to pick out our desired spoke layout and design. The way that the spokes are laid out in the wheel lacing directly affects how the wheel will perform and hold in place. After deciding the spoke length and design, we feed all the spokes into the hub, and thread them onto the ebike rim. After the spokes have been threaded and attached, the ebike wheel needs to be tensioned. The tensioning process is very time consuming and careful work, as this is what makes sure the wheel operates well, and is safe to use. 

One of the most important steps of this wheel building process is called “dishing” the wheel. Dishing the wheel means tensioning the spokes so that the ebike hub motor rests perfectly in the center of the wheel after it is fully tensioned. If the ebike wheel is not dished properly, the wheel itself could be off kilter and could not perform properly. Once we have properly centered that ebike hub motor, we then finish tensioning the spokes so that the outer ebike rim spins perfectly straight. After the spokes have been properly tensioned and the ebike wheel is spinning true, the wheel build is complete. Our final step is to mount the ebike hub motor wheel to the frame, taking care to reattach the ebike cables. Once the wheel is mounted and the motor is attached, we would then test the electronics to make sure the motor operates as it should.

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