Brake Cable & Housing Install

Service Price: $20

Cables and housing are two of the most important parts of your electric bicycle. The cables and housing are what hold the tension between your mechanical brakes and brake levers, and your shifter to your ebike derailleur. The housing is what keeps everything taught and actuating well, while the cable is what is actuating the device shifter or brake caliper. Over time and with use, these cables and housing can stretch out. When these stretch out, they do not get enough cable tension to perform well. In addition to regular stretching, cables and housing can get dried out and dirty. When this happens, the cable cannot slide as easily through the housing, and you get diminished performance out of your ebike. Lastly, cables and housing can simply break and snap. If any of these three above symptoms are going on, it may be time for new ebike cables and housing!

During our ebike cable and housing install service, we first remove the old cables and housing from the ebike. To do this, first unscrew the pinch bolt from either the shifter or brake caliper (depending on which we were replacing). With the cable free from the pinch bolt, we do not unmount the housing from your ebike frame. These can either be clips or zip ties depending on the ebike. Once the housing is free from the ebike frame, we have one last step and that is to remove the cable from the shifter or brake lever. If it is a brake lever, we pull the brake lever all the way in, which would expose the cable end holder in the ebike brake lever. We then pop the cable out of the holder and slide it out of the side of the brake lever. On a shifter, we remove the backplate from the shifter, exposing the inner working of the mechanism. In these inner workings, we can see the spot where the cable rests and is pulled. Just like a brake lever, we undo the cable end from the holder and slide the cable out of the shifter. The old cables and housing have now been removed!

To install the new ones, first we hook the cable end into either the ebike brake lever or the ebike shifter. With the cable now attached to the brake lever or shifter, we now feed that cable through the housing, until the housing slots into the brake lever or shifter. We then route the housing with cable inside along the frame, clipping it back in place where it is needed. We then take the cable end that is sticking out of the end of the housing and feed it through the pinch bolt on either the ebike brake caliper or ebike derailleur. After feeding that cable through, we now go through the tightening and adjustment process, making sure whatever we are installing the cable on operates properly. Once properly adjusted and tuned, we would trim the excess cable, and attach a cable crimp so the ebike cable does not come unwound. Your ebike now has brand new cables and housing installed and your mechanical brakes and derailleurs are running much smoother!

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