Bottom Bracket Removal, Install, or Swap Out

Service Price: $50

At the heart of your electric bike drivetrain is the crank where you actually move your ebike. However, in order for the crank to operate and spin around, there is another critical piece on your ebike. That part is the bottom bracket. The bottom bracket is the part of the ebike drivetrain that the crank mounts onto and allows to spin around. Because this ebike bottom bracket is at the heart of your ebike, it is super important to stay on top of its wear. As a bottom bracket gets worn out, pedaling your ebike may become unpleasant or not feel very smooth. Most people describe it as the pedaling feels grindy or rough. Continuing to ride with a damaged bottom bracket can cause long term damage to both your cranks as well as your ebike frame.

There many different styles of bottom brackets, but the one thing they all have in common is that they require special tools and knowledge to remove them from the frame of the ebike. When you drop off your ebike for our ebike bottom bracket service, we would first remove the cranks from your ebike. Once the crank has been removed, we can now access your ebike bottom bracket. We would then use whatever Park Tool bottom bracket tool was required to remove that specific bottom bracket from the ebike frame. After your bottom bracket has been removed from your ebike, we clean out the bottom bracket frame hole and remove any gunk or pieces that may be in there. Once the spot is cleaned out, we then go about installing the new bottom bracket, applying grease as needed. Once the bottom bracket is in the ebike frame, we then tighten it down as needed with the corresponding Park Tool bottom bracket tool. Finally, after the bottom bracket has been successfully installed, we would reattach the ebike crank arms, and your electric bicycle is ready to roll!

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