Bike Wheel Building (Regular Wheel)

Service Price: $110

Getting a wheel custom built for your electric bike is a great way to get improvements on your ebike‚Äôs wheels, or to get a specific combination of features you may not find on any pre-built ebike wheels. These improvements can be things like thicker gauge spokes (which is a great improvement for ebikes to counter the increased weight of an ebike), a higher quality hub, a tubeless outer rim, or any combination of these ebike improvements. Our custom ebike wheel build service helps you make your dream set of ebike wheels become a reality. 

There are 3 main components you must have for a fresh e-bike wheel to be built: the outer rim, the spokes with spoke nipples, and the wheel hub. The spokes get laced through the wheel hub, and then attached to the outer rim with the spoke nipples. However, just attaching these things together does not make the wheel complete. The custom ebike wheel then needs to be properly tensioned and dished. Properly tensioning the ebike wheel makes sure the outer rim of the wheel is true and straight. 

Dishing the wheel is the process of making sure the hub of the wheel sits in the exact center of the wheel. An improperly dished ebike wheel can make the outer rim and tire of the wheel sit too far to the left or the right of the hub, and can greatly affect the performance of your electric bicycle. If it is dished too far to one side, the spokes also cannot hold tension that they should, and the wheel can be unsafe to ride on. Especially, on an ebike with increased weight and higher speeds. Making sure the new custom ebike wheel is dished and centered properly is just as important as truing the wheel for the wheels structural integrity and performance. 

Once the custom wheels have been assembled, trued, and dished properly, we would remount the tires and tubes, and your new ebike wheels are ready to roll!

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