Bike Tune Up (Deep Clean)

Service Price: $175

The deep clean tune-up provided for our e-bike service department gives you all the same benefits as the standard e-bike tune-up, with the added bonus of a deep drive train clean. In this deep drivetrain clean, we remove the crankset, bottom bracket, cassette, and chain, and give all of those components a deep scrub and wash. After the deep clean, your ebike drivetrain will be sparkling like new. Getting your electric bike's drivetrain a deep clean is important to make sure all of the moving parts are unimpeded and operate as smooth as possible. Riding your ebike with a dirty drivetrain will start to wear out the chain, cassette, and chainring much faster than normal.

The deep clean, along with everything the standard tune-up provides, is everything you need to help keep your bike running smoothly and making sure the components on the ebike last as long as possible.

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