Bike Tire Replacement (Hub Motor Wheel) 

Service Price: $45

Bicycle tires are something that do need to be replaced from time to time, whether from just regular usage, or something more drastic like a cut or slash in the tire. This is especially true for electric bike wheels that have a hub driven motor on them, as the increased weight from the motor may wear the tires down more quickly than a non-hub driven wheel. 

It is always important to stay on top of your ebike tire wear and replacements, because if not, the number of flats might increase or the ebike may not be rideable. Also, you may swap ebike tires to get a different ride feel, as different tires for ebikes have different features, like tread style, extra puncture protection, or low rolling resistance. Whatever your reason is for new tires on your ebike, we are here to help you get them swapped out! 

When we do our ebike tire replacement service on a hub driven wheel, we first remove the wheel from the ebike frame, taking care to properly disconnect the ebike hub motor from the ebike controller cables. We then remove the old ebike tire and tube, and then inspect the internal rim and rim strip. We want to make sure that the ebike rim strip is still in good shape and has not moved around at all. If that rim strip has moved, we move it into place, or if it looks like it is not in good condition anymore, we recommend replacing that rim strip. 

After we have made sure the ebike rim is in good shape, we begin mounting the new ebike tire and tube. After the tire is mounted and we have made sure the tube is properly in place, we then inflate the bike tire to the proper PSI (whatever is specified on the new tire). While inflating the new tires, we make sure the new tire sits properly onto your ebike wheels. This means that the bead of the ebike tire is snapped in completely all around the wheel. 

This helps make sure that the tire is in the proper position, and gives you optimal performance while riding your ebike. Once the tire has been properly mounted onto the hub motor wheel, we remount the wheel onto the ebike frame. After it is mounted back onto the frame, we reconnect all the ebike cables and test to make sure the hub motor still worked and functioned properly.

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