Bike Tire Repair (Hub Motor Wheel)

Service Price: $35

A flat tire is the most common ailment to electric bicycle owners while riding around. These flat tires can be caused by anything from thorns (like goatheads), glass, nails, or even just not being properly inflated during a ride. Electric Bicycles in particular are slightly more prone to flat tires as they have a lot of added weight from the ebike motor and ebike battery. 

Repairing a flat tire on a hub driven motor on an electric bike often requires a bit more work than a usual flat repair. This is often due to the increased weight of the ebike hub motor, as well as having to deal with any ebike connections and wires running from the hub motor. When we service an ebike wheel with a hub motor, we have to be very careful to correctly disconnect the wiring, as not to damage any of the electric bike connectors. When you drop off your ebike for a flat tire repair, we repair the flat tire and figure out whatever caused the flat tire, to make sure another flat does not occur from the same issue.

For the repair, we would first remove the wheel from the frame, taking care when disconnecting any ebike cables. After the hub motor wheel is removed, we remove the tire and the old tube from your electric bicycle. Once the bike tire and tube are off of the wheel, we inspect the tube and tire to check what caused the flat. If it was a puncture like from a thorn, we thoroughly inspect the outer and inner sections of the tire to make sure nothing else is poking through that could damage the bike tube. 

If it was a puncture from the underside of the tube (the side touching the inside of the wheel), we would thoroughly inspect the internal rim of the ebike wheel to find what caused the flat. After the source of the flat tire has been identified and solved, we then go about installing a fresh, new bicycle tube. After the tire and tube are installed, we inflate your ebike tire to the proper PSI.  

Once the tire and tube are installed and inflated, we then remount your wheel with hub motor onto the ebike frame, and reconnect the hub motor cables we disconnected at the beginning. We then test the motor to make sure everything is connected and running smoothly. 

After you take your ebike home, it is important to always make sure your ebike tires are inflated to the proper PSI, as this is one of the best ways to prevent future flat tires.

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