Bike Shocks Setup (Frame)

Service Price: $35

Adjusting your frame or rear suspension involves several key adjustments. There are two main rear suspension types out there, air shocks and coil sprung shocks. Coil sprung shocks can only be adjusted a little because they are limited to the stiffness of the spring. Therefore, it is really important to have the correct spring to match your body weight. Air shocks are more adjustable because we can either add or release some of the air in the shock to increase or decrease stiffness also called compression. Also, the rebound can be adjusted so that the shock will extend faster or slower. With this service of frame shock setup at the Tower Electric Bikes repair shop we adjust the sag of the air shock. We do this adjustment by having you, the rider, sit on the bike with all of your normal riding gear such as helmet, packs, water and any other weight you normally ride with. We then measure how much the shock compresses. The sag or the length of travel of the shock when the rider is just sitting on the bike should be between 25-35% of the maximum travel length. Therefore, we will add air to the shock if your shock is sagging or traveling more than 35% and we will release air from the shock if your sag is less than 25%.

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