Bike Shipping Service

Service Price: $199

Shipping your electric bicycle can be a difficult task, as you want to make sure it arrives in one piece and nothing gets broken. The key to this is making sure your ebike is properly disassembled and boxed up. With our ebike packing and shipping service, we take care of the whole process, making sure your cargo gets where it needs to go safely. 

The biggest part of the ebike boxing process is proper disassembly and packing of the bike. For the disassembly, we remove the front wheel, the handlebars, seat, and pedals (placed into a smaller package inside the large box). After those parts are removed, we wrap the frame and ebike components in foam and packing materials, to protect from scuffs and scratches to the bike frame. We then attach the handlebars and front bicycle wheel to the side of the e-bike, so they do not move around while shipping and damage the ebike frame. We also take extra special care to wrap the e-bike battery, as well as any other electric bike components around the bike, so nothing gets damaged in transit. 

After the ebike has been wrapped up in protective materials, we then package it into one of our special-sized e-bike boxes, with foam blocks around the front and back of the box to hold the ebike in place. Once the e-bike has been lowered into the special ebike box, we then pack some foam around the top of the ebike as well, to make sure it is extra secure. We then finally close the box up and seal it tight, so the box will not accidentally open during transit. The final part included in our ebike boxing is shipping to the lower 48 states, which we ship via FedEx.

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