Bike Shipping Box Description - Is my order shipped in a generic box?

Our electric bikes are shipped in boxes with the Tower logo, bike logo, and website URLs on them. Any accessories or replacement parts will be shipped in basic boxes inside the large box without any kind of logos or graphics. The Tower Beach Bum does not come fully built, however it only takes about 30 minutes to build the ebike. 

Our products are boxed by our manufacturer upon completing production so we do not have the option to customize the box. If you plan on using this product as a gift and do not want to reveal the contents until unboxing, please plan accordingly.

The box weighs about 66 lbs. and comes with a hole in each side to make it easy to carry.

Unboxing the eBike

The Beach Bum ebike comes with a fair amount of plastic and styrofoam attached to the frame to protect in in the transport and shipping process. It will take about 5 minutes to take off all the packaging before you can begin to build the ebike. Once all the packaging is off you can start the process of building the ebike. 

There are 5 total items inside the box; the ebike frame, the Velo premium saddle, the boxed battery with keys, the boxed ebike charger, and the box with the pedals and lights. 

Assembling the Tower Beach Bum

Video: How to assemble an Electric Bike – Tower Beach Bum

Tools needed: You will need a knife, an allen key, and a wrench to fully assemble the electric bike. 

Step 1: Take off all packaging on the ebike. Be careful while cutting off the zip ties to not accidently scrape the frame of the bike or the tires. 

Step 2: Place the stem of the handle bar into the fork of the frame. Using a 6mm allen key adjust the handle bar angle to your liking. Be sure that it is at a good height and angle so you can read the display, adjust the gears, and use the breaks. Make sure that you secure the handlebars very tightly as you don’t want it to adjust as you ride.

Step 3: Once the handlebars are tightly secured, flip the bike upside down so that it is laying on the back wheel and handlebars. This position will allow you to easily put on the front wheel. From here you can drop the front wheel into its position and then tighten the hex nut on each side with a wrench. Be sure that the brake on the front wheel is adjusted to your liking. 

Step 4: Now that the frame of the ebike is put together you cant start to add the accessories. First, put the pedals into their corresponding sides using the allen key. Each pedal is labeled left or right for the proper side. Next, take out the screw, hex nut, and washer to insert the front light installation. Tighten the hex nut with a wrench and then plug the front light into the corresponding red input to provide it with power. To turn on this front light, simply hold down the “+” button on the display. Next, you can put on the velo leather saddle. First, relieve the seat lever and then place the stem into the frame of the e-bike. Adjust the seat height to your liking and tighten the lever so the seat is set in place. The final accessory is the rear light. There are two ways to put this light on your ebike. The simple way is to just hook it onto the bottom part of your seat. The more secure way is to use the included rubber band to wrap it around the seat stem. To charge this rear light, plug the USB cable into the battery.

Step 5: The final step in the e-bike building process is to install the battery. To install the battery simply slide the battery onto the controller until it is securely on. Then, lock the battery in place with the keys so that it cannot get stolen or fall off during a bumpy ride. Once the battery is in place plug the charger in to charge the battery. It will take about 7-8 hours to fully charge the battery. 

Step 6: Enjoy the ride!

To see if there are any tune ups needed after your e-bike is built visit here