Bike Shifter Installation

Service Price: $35

Shifters are one of the most important parts on your bike, as it is what allows you to interface with the gear shifters on your ebike. The shifter, when actuated, pulls your ebike shift cable that runs to your derailleur. When that cable gets pulled, your ebike derailleur changes position and moves the chain to a different sized ring. How the ebike shifter pulls the cable differs from shifter to shifter. Some are trigger shifters with little levers that you click, while others rotate around when gripped similar to a throttle. However, regardless of shifter type, shifters may have to be replaced from time to time, or you may want to switch to one with more ergonomics or better performance. Whatever your reason is for switching, our ebike shifter install service can help you shift over to a new ebike shift lever!

For our ebike shifter install service, the first step we must take is to take off the old shifter. To do this, we must first go to the derailleur it is attached to, and release the cable. Once the cable has been released from the derailleur, we can then remove the old shifter. To take the shifter off, we remove the grip, and then the brake lever, and finally the old shifter. The old cable would then slide out of the existing housing and get removed with the old shifter. Once the old shifter and cable have been removed, it is now time to install the new shifter! Typically, new shifters will come with a brand new cable pre, installed, so no need to install a new one. We then slide the shifter onto the handlebars and tighten it into position. Next we reinstall the ebike brake lever and grip onto the handlebars, making the ebike handlebars complete again. Once those have all been remounted, we route the ebike shifter cable through the existing housing on your ebike. The new cable should slide easily through the housing and pop out of the other end right next to the ebike derailleur. With the cable poking out near the derailleur, we can now feed the cable through the derailleur and lock it into place.

With the cable now installed, we can start tuning the derailleur and making sure it indexes along with the shifter. To do this, we first make sure the shifter is in its lowest gear, and that the derailleur is holding the chain in the lowest gear. With the cable tightened and both the shifter and the derailleur in the same position, the derailleur should be shifting along with the shifter perfectly. Some minor adjustments may be needed to fine tune the ebike drivetrain, but once it is shifting perfectly, we would trim off the excess ebike shifter cable, put a cable crimp on it, and you are ready to go!

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