Bike Seat Replacement or Installation

Service Price: $15

Seats on electric bikes are a very personal touch and are crucial to your comfort while riding. There are many different seats for different styles of riding. There are smaller, thin seats that are styled for weight saving and comfort at long distances, while on the other end of the spectrum are big, thick, and cushioned seats that are comfortable for cruising around. Whatever your reason is for wanting to switch ebike seats, our ebike seat installation service is what you need to get more comfort!

During the seat installation service, we first remove the seatpost from your ebike frame. With the seat and seatpost in hand, we can now remove the old seat. To do this, we loosen the pinch bolts on the seatpost mount, allowing us to slide the rails out of the seatpost. With the old seat now separated from the ebike seatpost, we can now install the new ebike seat. We get the rails slotted into the seatpost mount and make sure everything is lined up properly. Before we finish and tighten down the seat, we position it on the rails so it is in a comfortable position for you. Once we have found the proper seat position, we torque down the clamps to the proper factory specified torque. Torquing it down to the proper torque specification helps prevent the seat from moving while you are riding. We then finally put the seatpost back into the ebike frame and set it to the proper height. Once the seat post has been clamped at the proper height, you are ready to ride with a brand new seat!

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