Bike Seat Adjustment

Service Price: $10 

The position that your ebike seat rests in plays a huge part in your comfort while riding. If it is too high up, you may not be able to reach the ground or pedals. If it is too low, your legs can get bent in a strange direction while riding. In addition to the height of the seat, the pitch and horizontal position of your seat is just as important. If it is pitched too far down, you can feel like you are sliding off the seat, whole if it is tilted too far back, it can press into your body and be painful. Finding the sweet spot right in the middle is important. This position will also be different for everybody. So if you are riding and having discomfort at the seat, then our ebike seat adjustment service can get you positioned properly!

When you bring your ebike in for a seat adjustment service, we work with you, to find the perfect position. We have you sit on your bike normally and check out your body position. We then make adjustments based on what we see. We also ask what sort of discomfort you were having while riding, and account for that. To adjust the height, we loosen the seatpost clamp and slide the post in and out of the ebike frame until we found the proper height. For the picture of the seat and the seatpost mount, which allows us to move the seat around. Once we have it in a good position, we then have you take a quick test ride to see how it feels. We make adjustments as needed. Once the seat is in a comfortable position while riding, your ebike is ready to ride!

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