Bike Rotor Install (Hub Motor Wheel)

Service Price: $45

Disc brake rotors that are mounted on a hub driven ebike motor tend to need replacing a bit more often than a rotor on a regular non hub driven motor. The reason for this is the hub driven motor delivers a lot of torque as it moves and it is heavier than a regular hub, so it takes a lot more braking power to slow it down. This translates to the rotor and brake pads getting worn down a bit faster than normal. When you need that rotor replaced, our ebike hub motor rotor replacement service is exactly what you need!

During our ebike hub driven motor rotor swap, we must first remove the wheel from the ebike frame. During the wheel removal, we take care to properly disconnect the ebike hub motor from the ebike controller. Once the hub motor has been properly disconnected, we can now remove the whole wheel from the ebike. With the loose wheel now in hand, we can now service the rotor. The process for replacing the rotor on a hub driven ebike wheel is the same for a regular ebike wheel. We first start by removing all of the existing ebike rotor bolts. With the bolts removed, we now remove the old ebike rotor and dispose of it. To install the new ebike rotor, we first lay down the rotor on the wheel hub at the spot it would go. We then have to pay attention to which way the rotor is supposed to spin and orient it in the right direction. Once it is facing the correct direction, we then put down the locking plates. These locking plates cover 2 holes at a time. With those in place, we would then begin installing the bolts that hold down the rotor. We gradually screw them in, but not torque them down all the way. 

Once all of the bolts are most of the way in, but not tightened, we then start tightening them down. We tighten these rotor bolts down in a “star” pattern. This means that when we tighten one bolt, the next bolt we tighten will be one across the rotor from that bolt. We continue doing that around the rotor, and the lines make a star. This star pattern helps ensure that all the bolts are getting an even amount of torque around the rotor. We would then finally hit all the bolts with a bicycle torque wrench to torque them down to the proper factory specified torque. Finally, with the rotor properly installed, we remount your wheel and reconnect the hub motor to the ebike controller. We then make any adjustments needed for the new rotor on your ebike’s brake setup.

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