Bike Rim Tape Installation (Hub Motor Wheel) 

Service Price: $45

Rim strips are a crucial part of the wheels on your ebike. The rim strip is the barrier between your bikes tubes, and the spoke holes on the inner rim of your wheels. These rim strips have to be able to withstand a large amount of pressure from the tubes and the weight of the ebike, especially so considering the additional weight of the ebike motor. If your rim strip gets moved or damaged, it can cause flat tires on your ebike by tearing, pinching, or slicing your tube. 

During our rim strip replacement service, first we remove your hub motor wheel from the ebike frame, taking care to properly disconnect the ebike cables. After the ebike hub motor wheel has been removed, we remove your tire and tube from your wheel to expose the inner section of your ebike wheel. We then remove your old rim strip and clean off the inner rim of the wheel, and make sure nothing in that inner rim will cause you any flat tires in the future(any sharp points or foreign objects). 

After the inner rim has been cleaned and is free of any sharp points, we then stretch the new rim strip onto the wheel and get it into position. Making sure the rim strip is properly in place, making sure it is covering all of the spoke holes and not twisted or kinked anywhere is important to make sure the tube does not rupture upon reinstallation. Whenever the tire and tube are pulled off your ebike wheels, it is important to always make sure that the rim strip is still in place and has not moved around. 

After the rim strip has been properly installed, we reinstall your tire and tube onto your ebike wheel and inflate to the proper PSI. Having the proper PSI on the hub driven wheel is extra important, as the motor adds a lot of extra weight. Once the wheel with hub motor is fully assembled, we would remount it onto the ebike and reconnect all the ebike motor cables. Finally, we make sure the ebike motor functions properly and was rolling well. Once all that is completed, your ebike is be ready to go!

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