Bike Quill Stem Installation, Removal, or Swap Out

Service Price: $30

Stems are an important part of your comfort while you are riding your electric bike. The stem is the piece that connects your handlebars to your steer tube and allows you to turn your ebike. The length and the angle of the stem will dictate the position you ride your electric bicycle. Some stems will be angled down, to give you more of an aggressive “down” body position, while a stem angled upward would give you more of a relaxed riding position. The stems also come in different lengths, that would accommodate different sized riders with different reaching lengths. “Quill Stems” are stems that are used with an ebike that has a threaded headset. With a threaded headset, the headset is threaded onto the fork itself, holding it into the frame. As a result, unlike a threadless headset, there is no exposed steer tube with a threaded headset. Because of this, a threadless stem will not work, as there is nothing to clamp onto! Instead, threaded headsets use what is called a “Quill Stem”, which inserts into the steer tube, as opposed to clamping onto it. This quill stem, once installed onto the ebike fork, has an expanding lower section, which tightens the stem to the fork, allowing it to turn.

During our ebike quill stem service, we help you get that old quill stem swapped out for a new one! The first step of our ebike quill stem service is to first remove the old stem. We do this by first loosening the main bolt of the quill stem. This will loosen the stem enough so that we can pull it out of the ebike fork steer tube. Once the quill stem has been removed, we then remove the handlebars from the stem. Now, depending on what type of quill stem you have, we may have to do extra work to remove the handlebars. Some quill stems are similar to the threadless stems, in that they have a face plate that comes off and holds the handlebars in place. The other style is just a rounded piece of metal that uses a bolt to tighten that loop of metal around the handlebar. If that is the stem you have, then first we have to take all of the shifter, brake, and grip off of one side, so we could slip the handlebar out from the quill stem. Once the handlebar has been removed from the old quill stem, the new quill stem is ready to be installed on your ebike. First, insert the ebike quill stem into the steer tube of the fork. Once it is inserted to the desired height (this height would be riders preference), we tighten the bolt, holding the stem in place. After the stem was sturdy in the frame, we then reattach the handlebars. If we had to remove anything from the handlebars in the previous step, we then reinstall those. Once everything is back together, we would torque everything down to the factory specifications. Your ebike is now ready to ride with an all new quill stem!

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