Bike Pedals Removal, Install, or Swap Out

Service Price: $15

Pedals are one of the most personal and customizable parts of your electric bicycle. What pedals you choose for your ebike is a personal one, as different people prefer different pedal styles. Whether they be clipless pedals, platform pedals, or some form of comfort pedal, they can all go on your ebike and we can help you install them all!

For our ebike pedal service, we first remove the old pedals from your electric bike crank arms. Once the old pedals have been removed from your cranks, we then go about installing your new pedals. We first put a small amount of grease on the threads of the pedals. We put the grease on the threads for 2 reasons. The first is that it helps the pedals stay in place and not come loose while riding your ebike. The second reason is so the pedals are easier to take off in the future if you would ever want to swap them out. Oftentimes pedals have been installed without grease and have been left to sit on the ebike for a long time which makes them difficult to remove and can feel seized in the crank arm.

Once the pedal threads have been properly greased, we then go about actually threading the pedals onto your ebike crank. Attention has to be given to which pedal goes on which side, as the left crank arm is reverse threaded. If the pedals are installed on the incorrect side, they will strip out the crank arm and make them not usable, in addition to ruining the pedal. Once we have threaded the proper pedals on the proper side, we tighten them down, and your ebike with its new pedals is all ready to ride!

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