Bike Handle Bars Install

service price: $35

Your handlebars are the main controlling element on your electric bicycle. It is where you turn and handle your bike, as well as holding your ebike brakes and shifters. You can think of the handlebars as the cockpit of your electric bike. Because that is the main way that you would control your ebike, there is a lot of space for personal preference. From relaxed cruiser bars, to drop down racing handlebars, to even some crazy ebike touring bars, there are countless designs and styles of handlebars. Some handlebars emphasize riding position and posture, while others emphasize hand placement and utility while riding. Whatever ebike handlebar you choose to use, our handlebar installation service has got it handled!

During our ebike handlebar installation service, we remove your old handlebars. The first part of this is to remove all the grips, shifters, brakes, and anything else attached to the old handlebars. If you have drop bars, we would have to unwrap the bars, allowing the cables and shifters to be removed from the bars. Once everything has been removed, we then remove the ebike handlebars themselves from the stem. Depending on the stem, we either remove the front face plate to take the handlebars off, or loosen the pinch bolt and slide the handlebars out. Once the old handlebar has been removed, we then install the new ebike handlebars. Once the handlebars are in the stem, we then tighten the stem to the handlebars and torque them to the proper factory specifications. Now that the bare handlebars are now mounted to the electric bicycle, we then go about installing the components we removed at the beginning. Typically the brake levers are installed first, then the shifters, and then the grips. Once those

are all slid onto the new handlebars, we rotate them into comfortable, ergonomic positions, and then tighten everything down. Some of the items then have to be properly tightened to the factory torque. Once all those parts have been torqued down, your ebike is ready to ride with a brand new set of handlebars!

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