Bike Grips Installation

Service Price: $10

Handlebar grips are one of the spots that you can really customize your ebike and the way it feels. Whether they are fun looking grips, grips with extra cushion, gel grips, or ergonomic grips for comfort, they all have different features that they provide. If you have a new set of ebike grips that you were looking to get installed, then our ebike grip install service is for you!

During our Grip install service, the first step is to remove the old grips. Depending on the grip style, there are different ways to take them off. If they are lock-on ebike grips, then we just loosen the clamp bolt and slide the grips off of the handlebars. If they are not lock on, then we use our air compressor with a narrow head to remove it. We would slide the head of the compressor under the grip. When we release the air, it will inflate the grip and help it slide off of the handlebars. With the old ebike grips off, we can now install the new grips.

Again, same as removing, installing depends on what type of grip it is. For lock on grips, we would slide the new grips onto the handlebars, and then tighten them down into place. For non-lock on grips, we would do the same air compressor trick as removing, just in reverse. As the air pushes out, it allows us to slide the grip easily onto the handlebars. If they were ergonomic ebike grips, we would also help position them into the most comfortable position for you. After that is complete, your ebike is ready to ride with brand new grips!

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