Bike Forks Installation (Front, Threaded)

Service Price: $40

Threaded forks are an older style of fork that threads directly into the headset of the ebike frame. With threaded forks some trimming of the steer tube is often required. On a threaded forks, the stem goes into the street tube itself and expands into place. They can come in both rigid and suspension fork designs. Whatever the reason is for needing a fork swap, our ebike threaded fork install is just what you need to get back out on the road!

During our threaded fork install, the first step is to remove everything from the fork itself. This starts off with the ebike quill stem. We loosen the main bolt of the stem, and then slide it out from the steer tube. Next, we unmount any front brake that was installed and inclip any cables that run alongside it. Finally, we remove the front wheel as well. With these three parts removed, we can now work on getting the fork out of the ebike frame. We unthread the headset, which allows us to remove the fork from the ebike frame. With the ebike fork removed, we then go about installing the new threaded fork. If a crown race is needed, we first mount the crown race to the bottom of the steer tube (although most threaded forks come with it pre-installed). Once the crown race is set, we then put the steer tube through the ebike frame. We trim any excess steer tube that rises above the headset. We then thread on the first lock ring onto the fork, holding it in place with the headset. There is then a washer that goes on top of that. Finally, the top lockring of the headset is threaded on, holding everything in place, while still allowing the fork to rotate around. With the fork properly installed, we then reinstall the front ebike wheel, the front brake, and the stem. Once all of those are properly installed, your ebike is ready to rock with an all new fork!

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