Bike Chain Tensioning and Adjustment 

Service Price: $20

Chain tension is an important aspect of your bike to be aware of. Most of the time, when a new chain is installed on your ebike, the number of links and the chain tension will be set up by the mechanic and will not need to be altered until a new chain is to be put on. However, there are some circumstances in which the chain tension needs to be adjusted. The biggest of these would be on single speed ebikes with horizontal drop frame dropouts. Because the bikes are single speed and there is no modulation to the area they get wrapped around, and can be very tight when installing.

It is because of this tightness that many single speed ebikes come with what are called chain tensioners. These chain tensioners are components mounted to the dropouts of the ebike that allow you to adjust the tension of the ebike chain. There are many different styles of chain tensioners, but the basic concept is that they all pull the chain back, pulling the chain taught in the process. However, they must be tensioned properly, otherwise the bike may be difficult to ride. If you make the chain too tight, it can be difficult to pedal. Conversely, if you make the chain too loose, it can fall off while you are riding. Finally, if you tension one side more or less than the other, the rear wheel can get pulled more in one direction, making it very difficult to move the wheel and ride the ebike. As you can see, making sure the chain is properly tensioned is an important task!

There is another situation that can warrant a chain tension adjustment and that is if a chain was installed with too many links. Sometimes, mass produced bikes can have the wrong chain installed on the bike. Other times, an inexperienced mechanic could install a chain that is too long for the ebike. In either of these scenarios, some links off of the chain would have to be removed. Just like with the single speed ebike with a chain tensioner, too many links can make the chain fall off and too few links can make it difficult to operate the ebike. Either way, our chain tension adjustment service is just what you need to get that chain properly sized and your ebike running smooth.

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