Bike Chain Removal, Install, or Swap Out 

Service Price: $25

A bicycle chain is one of the most important parts of your electric bicycle. The chain is the heart of your ebike drivetrain, as it is what links your pedals and crank to the rear wheel of the ebike. Because the chain is such an important part of your ebike, it is important that you stay on top of its wear and condition. As you ride your ebike, the chain starts to wear down through regular usage. As the chain starts to wear, it starts to “stretch”. Now, this chain stretch is not actually the chain itself getting longer and stretched out, but the space between the link getting bigger. As this space gets bigger and bigger, the chain then starts to slot onto the teeth of the ebike chainring and cassette in different places.

This can often be felt while riding as the ebike chain slips slightly. This slipping is that extra space from the chain needing to slide a little further until it hits a tooth on the chainring or cassette. Running your electric bike with a worn out chain will start to prematurely wear out the chainring and cassette, as the extra space in the chain causes the teeth to get worn down. In addition to prematurely wearing out your ebike components, a worn out chain also has more of a chance of snapping while on the bike. This is increased on ebikes, as ebikes provide more torque on the drivetrain, increasing the likelihood of a worn out chain snapping.

When you get our chain service, we begin by removing whatever chain was currently on your ebike using a Park Tool chain breaker. After the old chain is taken off, we then get the new ebike chain and lay them out next to each other. We then size the new chain to match the old chain. To do this, we compare the two chains next to each other, and break off links from the new chain until the old chain and the new chain are the same length.

After the new ebike chain has been properly sized, we thread it through the rear derailleur and drape it over the cassette and chainring. Once the ebike chain has been fed through and is hitting all parts of the electric bike drivetrain, we then join the chain ends. To reattach the chain together, we either use a quick-link, or reattach the pin using our Park Tool chain tool, whichever the chain we installed uses. Once the chain has been reattached to the ebike drivetrain, we then lube the chain, and make sure it shifted through all of the gears properly.

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