Bike Brake Calipers Adjustment (Mechanical) 

Service Price: $20

Like anything on your electric bike, the brake calipers can come out of adjustment after riding for a while. This can manifest itself in a few different ways on your ebike. The two biggest signs of needing a brake adjustment are there is either not enough braking power or the brakes are rubbing. With brake rubbing, your brake caliper has become miss aligned and is now rubbing on the brake rotor. This usually makes a lot of noise and should be taken care of soon, as continued riding under this condition will prematurely wear out both your brake pads as well as your rotor. With a loss of braking power, this is typically caused by time. As you use your brakes, the cable that actuates your ebike brakes will stretch out with time. As the tension goes away in your brake system, the calipers have to move further to grab onto the rotors. Continued riding under these conditions is strongly discouraged, as it is unsafe to ride without reliable braking power, especially on an ebike. If you are experiencing either of these problems on your ebike, then our mechanical disc brake adjustment service is for you!

During our mechanic disc brake adjustment service, we first assess what needs to be adjusted on the disc brake caliper. If the tension in the brake caliper is good, but it is rubbing, we loosen the bolts that hold the caliper on the frame. With those bolts loosened, we move the positioning of the ebike brake caliper. Looking down at the space where the rotor travel through the caliper, we move the brake caliper around until it looks like the rotor is not touching the brake pads on either side. Once we have that in a good position, we tighten the brake caliper in place. After it has been tightened, we make sure that the rotor is not touching after tightening down.

If you brake caliper does not have enough braking strength, then the brake adjustment needed is slightly different. In that case, we loosen the brake cable pinch bolt on the brake calipers, releasing the brake cable. With that ebike brake cable now free, we then move the arm that actuates the brake calipers and move their natural resting place closer together. When we have a good caliper position set, we cinch the brake cable back down at the pinch bolt. With the tension of the brake cable now readjusted, we adjust the positioning of the brake caliper to make sure that it is not rubbing on the brake rotor. Once we have gotten the ebike brake caliper in position not to rub, we tighten that caliper down to the proper factory specified torque. Your ebike is now ready to ride with great braking power!

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