Bike Brake Caliper Installation (Mechanical) 

Service Price: $35

Mechanical disc brakes are a very common brake style you can see on many ebikes. On a mechanical disc brake, you have a cable running from the brake lever to a caliper that has a rotor running through it. When you pull the brake lever, it pulls the cable, which in turn pushes the brake pads together in the caliper and clamp onto the rotor, stopping your ebike. Because you are pulling the brake levers which pull the cable, all of your braking power on a mechanical disc brake is reliant on the riders hand strength.

During our ebike mechanical brake install service, we can help you replace an ebike brake caliper, or upgrade to a new, better ebike mechanical caliper! When we go to install your new ebike brake caliper, we first have to remove your old ebike caliper. To do this, we first release the cable from the caliper, and pull it free. Once the brake caliper is free from the ebike brake cable, we unscrew the bolts holding the caliper to the frame. With those bolts now taken out of the frame, the old brake caliper is now ready to be taken off of the bike. Now comes the fun part of installing the new ebike brake caliper!

Depending on the brake caliper you have, you may have to switch or install a new caliper bracket. Once the proper bracket has been installed, we are now ready to install the brake caliper. First, we bolt on the caliper to the mounting bracket, but not tighten all the way, as we want to be able to adjust the position of the brake caliper. Once the caliper is on the ebike frame, we then feed the brake cable through the cable pinch bolt. Once it has been strung through the pinch bolt, we then actuate the brake caliper, closing the pads down. With the brake nice and tight, but not completely closed, we then cinch down that cable with the cable pinch bolt. With the cable now taught and the brake pads positioned, we finally adjust the brake caliper so it is not rubbing or touching the rotor. Finally, when we have the caliper in a position where it does not rub with the ebike rotor, we torque down the caliper bolts to the factory specified torque level, holding the caliper in place. Once properly torqued down, your new caliper is now installed and ready to stop your ebike!

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