Bike Assembly (Includes Tune Up)

Service Price: $129

Our electric bike build is the best way to get that new e-bike put together and running like a dream. A professional electric bicycle assembly is important to make sure everything on your new e-bike is running exactly how it should right out of the box. Also, one of the most important parts of a new e-bike assembly is to make sure the bike is safe for you to ride. 

As we build the bike, we make sure to properly tighten each bolt to its manufacturer-specified torque. Having the proper torque on all of the bolts around the bike is important to make sure the e-bike is safe to ride and that the ebike parts don’t wear prematurely. This is especially important as ebikes travel at higher speeds. While building, we also make sure to tune and adjust everything that needs it out of the box. Typically the shifting, brakes, and wheels need some sort of adjustment right out of the box to give you optimal performance while riding. 

We want to make sure that the bike operates as well as possible. One way we do this is by making sure the derailleurs and brakes operate properly. Whether it is a bit of cable tension adjustment, adjusting the indexing, or positioning of the derailleur or brake caliper, some amount of tuning is usually required on a new e-bike. Once everything on your new ebike is tightened and properly tuned, you will be able to take your new electric bike and ride without worry.

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