Bicycle Tune Up (Standard)

Service Price: $110

Our standard bike tune-up is the go to service to get your e-bike running smooth again. Electric bicycles should get a tune-up at least once a year, to make sure all of the components are in good shape and are operating well. With eBikes this is even more important as people tend to put A LOT more miles on eBikes than bikes due to the ease of riding longer distances with battery assistance.

Just like your car, routine maintenance is the best way to take care of your electric bicycle. The first part of our standard ebike tune-up is to clean the whole bike, making sure it sparkles like new. The next major part of the tune-up is to remove the bicycle wheels and give them a full service. For the first part of the wheel service, we ensure that everything in the wheel hub is properly adjusted and tightened. This ensures that the ebike wheels will spin well and hold together. The second big part of the wheel service is to true the wheel and check all the spokes for their proper tension. Getting an ebike wheel true is important to stay on top of as it makes sure the wheel rolls straight on the road and keeps the integrity of the outer rim as sturdy as it can be. With electric bikes this is all the more important as people tend to travel at higher speeds than on traditional bikes.

The next big part of the tune up is to make sure the ebike shifter and brake cables, chain, derailleurs, and pulley/jockey wheels are properly lubed. Proper lubrication is key for an electric bicycle to operate well, as it makes sure that all of the mechanical ebike components can actuate and slide freely. The next and most important part of the tune-up is to adjust the braking and the shifting of the electric bike. Tuning and making sure the shifters, derailleurs, and brakes are working well is the most noticed aspect of the bike tune-up. As bikes get ridden and used, the cables that actuate the derailleurs and brakes start to stretch and get worn over time. As these cables get worn and stretched out, the tension that helps operate the brakes and shifters starts to not hold as well, resulting in diminished functionality. The tune-up helps readjust that cable tension and make sure the braking and shifting is as good as the day you bought the bike. The final part of the standard tune-up is an often overlooked step, and that is to make sure everything on the ebike is torqued to the proper specifications. The headset, the bottom bracket, frame pivot points, stem bolts, handlebar bolts, and seat are all parts that can come loose that need to occasionally get retorqued to specifications. With an eBike again, you are traveling at higher speeds and there is a lot more vibration on the parts so you need to maintain things so they don’t loosen up over time. If a part of the electric bicycle is not torqued to the proper factory specified torque measurements, it can damage the ebike, especially if neglected for prolonged periods of time. With regular tune-ups throughout the life of your electric bike, the parts should last longer and your bike will operate at its top performance level every time you ride.

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