Bicycle Shifter Cleaning & Lubrication

Service Price: $35

Most ebike shifters utilize a ratcheting mechanism inside of the shifter to pull the cable attached to the ebike derailleur. When you press or pull the shifter lever, you pull a certain amount of shifter cable, pulling the derailleur into a new position. The ratchet then releases, allowing the lever to reset position, and pull more cable if needed. What can happen over time and usage is that the ratcheting mechanism can get dirty and not operate as well, or stick and not shift.

When this happens, the unit itself would need to be cleaned out. That is where our ebike shifter clean and lubrication service comes in! During the service, we first open up the back cover of the ebike shift lever, exposing the inner ratcheting mechanism. We then drench the inside of the shifter with a degreaser cleaning solution. This cleaning solution helps break up the grime and clean out the inner working of the shift lever. Once the inner ratcheting mechanism has been thoroughly soaked in the solution, we activate the shifting mechanism and move it around to help further break apart the built up dirt and grime. We also gently use a pick to get out any hard dirt that needs to be removed. Once it has been thoroughly flushed and actuated, we finally hit the inside with an air compressor to get out any remaining degreaser and dirt. Finally, we spray some lubrication inside of the ebike shift lever to ensure that it actuates smoothly. After the lubrication, we put the rear cover back on, and your shifter is now ready!

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