Bicycle Safety Checklist Run Through

Service Price: $55

The e-bike safety check is a thorough once over on the electric bike to make sure everything is up to factory specification and that the ebike is safe to ride. The biggest part of the safety inspection is to go over all the bolts to make sure they are all torqued to their proper factory specifications. It is common for bolts to loosen up over time while riding an electric bike, as there are higher speeds of travel and more vibrations that can gradually loosen bolts, but it is crucial to not continually use the bike while these parts are loose. 

Riding your ebike with loose bolts is both unsafe and is bad for the longevity of the electric bike and its components. The next part of the safety inspection is to make sure the ebike chain is properly lubed. Proper lubrication on an e-bike is critical to make sure the chain works smoothly, it stays cleaner, and that it has a longer life. The final step of our electric bike safety inspection is to make sure the tires are inflated to the proper tire pressure. Proper tire pressure helps the ebike feel good to ride, helps prevent punctures and flats, and helps keep the life of the tire.

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