Bicycle Quill Stem Adjustment

Service Price: $15

Stems are an important part of your comfort while you are riding your electric bike. The stem is the piece that connects your handlebars to your steer tube and allows you to turn your ebike. The length and the angle of the stem will dictate the position you ride your electric bicycle. Some stems will be angled down, to give you more of an aggressive “down” body position, while a stem angled upward would give you more of a relaxed riding position. The stems also come in different lengths, that would accommodate different sized riders with different reaching lengths. “Quill Stems” are stems that are used with an ebike that has a threaded headset. With a threaded headset, the headset is threaded onto the fork itself, holding it into the frame. As a result, unlike a threadless headset, there is no exposed steer tube with a threaded headset. Because of this, a threadless stem will not work, as there is nothing to clamp onto! Instead, threaded headsets use what is called a “Quill Stem”, which inserts into the steer tube, as opposed to clamping onto it. This quill stem, once installed onto the ebike fork, has an expanding lower section, which tightens the stem to the fork, allowing it to turn.

Sometimes while you are riding, you might realize that the stem on your ebike is not quite to your liking and something needs to be changed. Our ebike quill stem adjustment has you covered! One of the biggest adjustments you can do to your quill stem is adjust the height. Adjusting the height of the ebike quill stem will drastically change your natural riding position. If you feel like you are too hunched over on your ebike, raising the quill stem can help put your body more upright and in a comfortable position. On the inverse of that, if you feel like your handlebars are too tall, lowering the quill stem can greatly improve your control over the ebike.

To adjust the height, we loosen the main pinch bolt of the stem. Once that main bolt has been loosened, we can then move the ebike stem up and down in the steer tube. If we are raising the stem up, we have to take care not to go above the minimum insertion line, as going below that is unsafe. In addition to height adjustment, some quill stems also have an adjustable pivot point, where you can raise or lower the handlebars independent of the post itself. Once the desired height and position has been reached, we would then torque down the main bolt to the proper factory specifications. After it has been properly tightened, your ebike is now ready to ride!

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