Bicycle Hub Adjustment (Regular Wheel)

Service Price: $25

Making sure the wheel hubs on your ebike are properly tightened is very important, as that is what rotates around as the wheel moves. An ebike wheel hub consists of a few main parts: bearings on either side of the hub, cups that the bearings sit in, cones that sit above the cups and bearings, and then finally lockrings to help hold the whole thing together. Making sure all of these parts of the hub are properly tightened and adjusted is critical to make sure your ebike wheels spin easily and go straight. 

Our ebike hub adjustment service makes sure that your ebike‚Äôs hub is in good shape and spinning as smoothly as possible. First, we would make sure that the bearings are set properly and that they have the proper tension between them. Next, and probably the most important part, is to tighten the cones on the hubs. The cone tightness is what really controls how freely the ebike wheel will spin overall. If the cones are overtightened, the wheel can have a lot of resistance while spinning, on top of potentially damaging the hub bearings. If the cones are not tightened enough, the wheel will be very wobbly, and again, you risk damaging the hub bearings, or them coming out of place if the cone is not tightened enough. With the cones properly adjusted, we would then put on the lock nut and tighten it down to hold everything in place while the wheel is operating. 

Neglecting to have your hub properly adjusted can destroy the hub, and make the wheel and ebike not usable, so it is important to always stay on top of this ebike service.

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