Bicycle Front Forks Cut & Installation (Threadless)

Service Price: $70

Most modern forks you will find are called threadless forks. These are in comparison to the older style of fork, a threaded fork. With a threadless fork, instead of threading into a headset mounted onto the frame of the ebike, it slides up through a headset mounted on the ebike frame and has a star nut that, when combined with a top cap, holds the fork in place. One of the biggest differences between a threadless fork and a threaded one is a threadless fork must be cut to size. A threaded fork is purchased at a set height and while it requires a bit of trimming, it is not the same amount of excess as on a threadless fork. A threadless fork, when installed without cutting, has a very tall steer tube that stocks up high above the frame. During the install, this fork will be cut to a height that is good for the rider. Some people want a tall steer tube, while some people prefer it to be small. This is something we would help you out with and more during our ebike threadless fork install service!

During our threadless fork install service, the first step is to isolate the fork by removing everything attached to it. We remove the stem, the front ebike wheel, and the front brake if there is one. With all of those components removed, the whole fork will then just slide out of the ebike frame. With the old fork removed, we can now go about installing the new ebike fork. To install the threadless ebike fork, we slide it through the ebike frame into where it will rest naturally. We then add the amount of headset spacers that the rider wanted, and then the threadless ebike stem. Once those have been put onto the steer tube, we mark off on the steer tube right above the stem as the place we need to cut. We then remove the fork again, and cut at the spot we marked off.

Once the fork steer tube is cut to the proper length, we then clean the spot we cut, removing any burrs or other pieces of metal sticking out. With those burrs gone, we now set the star nut in the steer tube. This star nut is what will help keep the fork in the frame. We use a special park tool star nut setter to get the star nut set in the ebike fork nice and firm and it in the right position. With the star nut properly in place, we can now install the threadless ebike fork. We slide the fork through the ebike frame and headset. With the fork fully slid into place, we install the headset spacers, and then the threadless stem. Once all of those are on the steer tube of the fork, we install the top cap on the open end of the fork. This top cap and bolt is what threads into the star nut we placed earlier. With the stem and top cap installed, we would finally reinstall the front brake and front wheel. Once those have been properly installed, your ebike is now ready to jam with a brand new fork!

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