Bicycle Dropouts Alignment (Regular Wheel)

Service Price: $30

Dropouts are one of the most critical parts of an electric bicycle frame. The dropouts are openings at the rear of the ebike frame, and at the bottom of the ebike fork. These dropouts are the spots that the wheels would mount and attach to the ebike frame. Because the dropouts support the rotating parts of the ebike, it is important that they remain straight and in good working order. When a dropout gets bent out of shape, the ebike wheels will not slot properly into the frame, making the electric bike run poorly, or not at all. 

Our dropout alignment service helps alleviate this problem in ebikes. To straighten the dropouts on your electric bicycle, we would use our Park Tool dropout alignment tools to get them straight again. These tools mount onto the dropouts on your ebike frame, with gauges meeting in the center, where the hub of the ebike wheel would be. We then move around the frame dropouts until the gauges in the middle meet up perfectly, signaling to us that the dropouts are not straight. Now, when we remount your wheel to the ebike, the wheel will sit perfectly straight in the dropouts.

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