Bicycle Brake Rotor Truing 

Service Price: $15

The rotor on your electric bicycle is the disc mounted to your wheel that your disc brake caliper clamps onto to slow your ebike down. As you ride, your ebike rotor constantly rotates and moves through the brake caliper. Occasionally, these rotors can get bent out of shape a little bit and rub up against the brake caliper. This can be characterized by a constant rubbing sound while you are riding, or a periodic scrape or ring sound if it is bent out of shape in one place. If left unfixed, this can prematurely wear down or damage your brake pads and your ebike rotors. In addition to the mechanical damage it can cause, it is also annoying to hear your ebike brake rotors make so much noise as you ride! If you have an annoying knock in your rotors or non-stop brake rub, then our ebike rotor truing service is perfect for you!

During our ebike rotor true service, we keep your wheel on the ebike, as we want to keep the rotor in its usual ride position. We use our Park Tool DT-2 rotor truing fork to then work on your ebike rotor. We rotate the ebike wheel around slowly with our hand, listening closely to the brake caliper and rotor. We listen and try to find the spots on the ebike rotor that are hitting the brake pads. Once we find a spot in the rotor where it is rubbing up against the ebike brake caliper, we look into the caliper to see which side of the brake pad it is hitting. Once we have figured out which side is rubbing, we then slide the rotor truing fork onto that spot of the rotor and gently bend the rotor the opposite direction then it was rubbing against the brake pad. When we run the rotor back through the caliper at that spot, there should be no more rubbing or hitting. We then continue to do this all the way around the ebike rotor until it can spin freely without hitting the brake pads at any spot of its rotation.

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