Bicycle Brake Lever Installation (Mechanical)

Service Price: $25

With an ebike mechanical brake lever, when you pull the lever, you are manually pulling a cable attached to a brake caliper, that brings the pads in contact with the braking surface, slowing down the bike. With ebikes, they use a special brake lever that has a sensor in it to track when the brake lever is squeezed. When it senses the ebike brake lever has moved, it sends a single to the ebike controller to shut power off. The ebikes do this so it is not putting out power while it is trying to slow down. Occasionally brake levers can break and not actuate as they should, so they would need to be replaced. That is where our mechanical ebike brake lever install service comes in!

When an ebike is dropped off for this service, the first step is to loosen the brake cable tension from the caliper. Once the cable is loose, we then unhook the brake cable end from the old ebike brake lever. After that cable has been removed, we remove the old brake lever. We first have to loosen the grip and shifter, and then slide them off the handlebars. Once those parts are off, we can then take off and dispose of the old brake lever. The new brake lever can now be installed! We first slide the new ebike brake lever onto the handlebars, and tighten it into place. With the new ebike brake lever mounted on the handlebars, we can now reinstall the brake cable. To install the brake cable, we pull the brake lever in, exposing the cable end slot on the brake lever. We then slide the cable into the brake lever, making the lever able to pull the cable. Finally, we retighten the cable on the ebike brake caliper and adjust the cable tension. Because the cable was loosened from the caliper and installed on a new lever, we have to do a small brake adjustment to make sure that your ebike brakes are working well. Once the brake has been adjusted, we would finally slide back on the shifter and grip we removed earlier. Your ebike is now ready to roll with an all new ebike brake lever installed!

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