Best Electric Commuter Bike Benefits



Travelling around urban areas can be considerably quicker on an electric bike versus all other modes of transport. Time is precious these days and by riding an ebike you can easily gain an extra few minutes here and there by eliminating the wait times with public transport, traffic with cars and motorcycles and the slower average speed of walking or biking. Often commuters will need to walk to and from the bus stop before even starting their wait for the bus to arrive, and while busses take the fastest route for some people, there’s no guarantee that the bus will take the fastest route for everyone. Because you can ride on either the street, sidewalk and bike lanes, and you can choose the fastest route to beat the bus.

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Riding on an ebike lets you take in more of your area. Public transport takes you the same old route over and over which suits some people but the vast majority will either need to walk to or from their stop, not only will does the bus take longer but you never have the chance to see a different area. On an ebike you can easily change it up. Taking a new street, seeing a new part of town, stopping to check out something cool are all made possible on an ebike so you can keep things interesting and broaden your horizons.

Good days

You know those days that everyone loves, early spring, the weather is turning good and all anyone wants to do is get outside, well, on an ebike you can! There’s no fear of being stuck on a bus or in your car while the sun’s out because you can soak it all up. Even being in traffic or stopped at traffic lights on days like those isn’t all that bad because you can just appreciate being outdoors.

Sweat free commutes

A extremely common issue for people who cycle to work on traditional bikes is that they sweat and feel uncomfortable once they arrive if they don’t have shower facilities available. With electric bikes there is a significant drop in the number of people who felt they needed to shower after arriving to work.


Risk of injury

As is the nature of riding a smaller vehicle, particularly in congested traffic, you are more exposed to the risk of injury than if you are travelling in a car. While there is still a risk of getting in a car accident, most of the time in traffic you will come out unscathed however on a bike, any time you fall, you’re gonna feel it. The plus side to riding a bike is that if you see an obstacle ahead, you are in a better position to avoid it than say, if you were in a car as you are restricted by your lane and other traffic.

Less visible

Riding a bike or ebike, your presence on the road is considerably smaller than if you are in a car and people won’t always see you. The rule of thumb here is to ride conservatively, don’t put yourself in a position where other road users might see you or expect you to be. Generally, people in urban areas are aware of bicycles however this is not always the case, if necessary you can always get their attention by shouting or ringing your bell if you are close to them. Reflective and high-visibility clothing can help you to stand out against an urban backdrop, particularly at night.

Difficult to go beyond your range

Electric bikes are great for relatively short distance trips and can let you down if you ever want to venture further than your maximum range. If you use your ebike for commuting and take a similar route every day, this won’t be an issue for you but if you don’t have a car, getting out of your city can be difficult..


One of the main drawbacks of regularly riding an ebike is that you are exposed to the elements whether you like it or not. Sometimes it’s great, when the sun is shining but when it’s raining it can be a miserable experience if you don’t have a raincoat. However, for people who invest in an ebike and want to adapt their lifestyle will have considered this.

See our page on the best commuter ebike benefits. We think the pro's definitely outweigh the con's but we'll let you decide ;)