5 Reasons Why Your Commute Needs An Electric Bike

Getting around town or to and from work will never be the same when you commute on an electric bike. Give up the hassle of the car and check out these five ways the Tower e-Bike is the way to go.

  1. Money Saved - Ebikes are considerably less expensive to use as your everyday mode of transport, in fact, you can expect to save around $15,000 over 4 years by commuting on an eBike instead of a car.
  2. No Sweat - Commuting to work on a regular bike has always had one huge downside: inclines mean sweat, even if you have a 12-speed road bike. Tower e-Bikes are built with a powerful 500W rear brushless geared motor and a 48V Lithium-Ion Samsung battery pack. This will have you crushing hills with ease, arriving to work looking fresh and feeling great.
  3. Saving the Environment - It feels good to make a difference and using a Tower e-Bike to get around and commute to work will greatly reduce your carbon footprint, making a true difference in saving the environment.
  4. No Parking - Forget about driving around looking for parking or pumping quarters into the meter. Locking up a bike is quick and free. And the Tower e-Bike has a light-weight aluminum frame, making it easier to carry inside even for an upstairs apartment.
  5. Energized - Starting your day with an easy bike ride will jump start your energy, making you feel great and ready to tackle the day. You’ll look forward to getting on your Tower e-Bike each morning, knowing you’ll arrive feeling energized.

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