Benefits of Electric Bikes over Traditional

For many people who have not ridden an electric bike before, they can struggle to see their appeal, they question why you would ride a bike that doesn’t provide the physical benefits that traditional bicycles do, and the truth is - not everyone wants to ride a bike to get into shape or break a sweat every time they leave their house. Biking is a great way to experience the outdoors, get fresh air and get from A to B yet huge amounts of people don’t cycle because of the amount of energy and time they will use up in getting to their destination.

Hills Are No Problem

We have found that one of the main reasons people don’t want to cycle regular bikes is because they live in hilly areas and don’t want to do a workout every time they are commuting or just out for a leisurely cycle. Electric bikes are designed to answer people’s problems like this. Because of the assistance the motor supplements the rider with, hills are not an issue on an ebike (just make sure you have enough battery!). Whether you’re on pedal assist or throttle mode, ebikes can help you power up a hill effortlessly, don’t be surprised when you cruise by people on traditional bikes without breaking a sweat.

Low Joint Stress

Another reason that deters people from riding bicycles is joint pain. With age, injuries and wear and tear on our bodies that we all develop over time, niggling pains pop up at the worst times. With pedal assist systems, riders experience far less strain on their hips, knees and ankles compared to traditional bikes, and virtually none with throttle systems. With electric bikes, cycling becomes much more accessible to all ages and absolutely improves the quality of life for those who are unable to ride a traditional bike without discomfort.

Ride With Your Friends & Family

Biking on vacation is a hugely popular activity to do but cycling in a group can be tough, and can be a sure-fire way to cause an argument if people like to go at different speeds! Riding electric bikes are a cool alternative now that more and more places have them available for rent, at pretty competitive prices too. Depending on the type of ebike and settings you choose, they can have a set speed that you choose or just allow people to catch up easier with less effort. This helps level the playing field and allows groups ride at the same speed making it more enjoyable for everyone.

Save Time

Time is precious in the world we live in and is something that no one ever seems to have enough of. As such, many people decide not to ride a bike as it is perceived that it takes longer to get from A to B. Studies have shown that in large, built up cities cycling can actually be faster at getting through traffic than driving or taking public transport. Together with the lower amount of energy you need to exert, we think riding an electric bike is a no-brainer.

With all mentioned above, electric bikes provide an easy way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Some eBikes can travel up to 20 mph depending on the conditions and terrain and we have found that the average speed traveled at on an ebike is higher than traditional bikes, so not only do they go faster, easier but it is also easier to maintain your speed over longer distances. eBikes help you go wherever you need to go faster and with far less effort than a regular push bike. Check out our article on the best commuter eBike benefits.