Director of Customer Experience

Andrew Thein

Andrew Thein

Andrew Thein joined Tower in 2021 to help grow the Tower Electric Bike brand and Electric Bike Service Center. Working closely with head mechanic and e-bike specialist Ray Belden, Andrew looks to help elevate Tower Electric Bikes into an even more dominant force in the e-bike industry. Through unmatched customer service and having top tier products, Tower Electric Bikes will soon become a brand synonymous with excellence.

Andrew comes to us from having spent the last 6 years within the bicycle industry, learning the ins and outs of all aspects of the business. Having managed a bicycle retail store and service center, as well as working for an online bicycle retailer, Andrew brings extensive experience in bicycle knowledge, sales, maintenance, and outstanding customer service. In addition to his professional bicycle experience, Andrew is also an avid cyclist himself, having been on a bike since he could walk. From mountain biking, to road cycling, from BMX and street, to just cruising around, Andrew does it all.

Andrew graduated from San Diego State University in the winter of 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. Having tutored Mathematics all through college in addition to working in bike stores, Andrew has great experience helping people through difficult topics they were struggling with, which has helped greatly in his time in the cycling industry. In addition to his degree, Andrew took a heavy load of electrical engineering and computer science courses just out of a passion for technology, nearly earning a degree in electrical engineering as well. He adds considerable technological knowhow to the Tower Electric Bike team as we build one of the strongest technical teams in the industry.

In his personal life, Andrew is a San Diegan through and through. Born and raised in San Diego, Andrew takes advantage of everything the Southern Californian lifestyle has to offer. From up in the mountains to out in the coastal waters, Andrew feels at home anywhere. Surfing, cycling, skateboarding, camping, fishing, snowboarding, he does a little bit of everything!