A headset Adjustment (Threadless)

Service Price: $15

In order for your headset to allow the fork to move and steer freely and smoothly, it needs to be properly adjusted. If it is too tight or not positioned properly, the fork and handlebars will have a lot of resistance while turning. This increased resistance, if ridden long term without fixing, can prematurely wear down your headset bearings. Conversely, if it is too loose, the front fork will not be sturdy and will rock back and forth. Riding your ebike with a loose headset is very unsafe, as over time it starts to wear on the steer tube of the fork and the frame of the ebike itself.

When you bring your ebike in for our ebike threadless headset adjustment service, we either tighten or loosen your headset as needed. First, we loosen the stem pinch bolts, allowing the stem to move around freely on the steer tube. After that is loosened, we then reposition all of the headset spacers and the stem so they are lined up properly and close together. Finally, we reinstall the top cap and tighten everything down. After torquing everything to factory specifications and making sure its all lined up straight, your ebike is now ready to go!

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